Salud, amigos!

It is wintertime, that is good enough a reason to do anything necessary to get warm, share the spirit, be generous and spread the joy. In my house this only means one thing: turn up the music and dance and jingle all the way to the kitchen counter!

Lions and Lionesses, stretch your hands and legs, put on your dancing shoes, get the good glasses out, call all your adult friends and let´s get this party started! We are sharing with you the best all-time cocktail recipes to make at home and turn your digs into the best joint in town.

If that is not enough to bring a smile to your face and pack your living room with people you have not seen in years, here you will find our very own pick of the best holiday tunes ever! Get those invitations in the mail ASAP and let us know all about the celebration.


Let the mixologist in you be free!


If you’re serving it that day, you can place in a pitcher in an ice bucket to keep it chilled. When stored properly in an airtight container in the fridge, this eggnog can last up to 4 days in the fridge!


2 c. milk

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon, plus more for garnish

1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg

1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

6 large egg yolks

1/2 c. granulated sugar

1 c. heavy cream

1 c. bourbon or rum (optional)

Whipped cream for serving


  1. In a small saucepan over low heat, combine milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla and slowly bring mixture to a low boil.
  2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk egg yolks with sugar until yolks are pale in color. Slowly add hot milk mixture to egg yolks in batches to temper the eggs and whisk until combined.
  3. Return mixture to saucepan and cook over medium heat until slightly thick (and coats the back of a spoon) but does not boil. (If using a candy thermometer, mixture should reach 160º.)
  4. Remove from heat and stir in heavy cream and, if using, bourbon. Refrigerate until chilled.
  5. When ready to serve, garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon.



1 (14-oz.) can unsweetened coconut milk

12 oz. silver tequila

8 oz. triple sec

1/4 c. lime juice

4 c. ice

Lime wedge, for rimming glass

Sanding sugar, for rimming glass

Lime slices, for garnish

Cranberries, for garnish


  1. Combine coconut milk, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and ice in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Rim glasses with lime wedge and dip in sanding sugar. Pour into glass and garnish with lime and cranberries.



1 oz. or 1 shot espresso or cold brew concentrate 

1 oz. coffee liqueur such as  Kahlúa or Mr. Black

1/2 oz. simple syrup

1 1/2 Vodka


  1. Add all ingredients to shaker and shake vigorously to completely chill the hot espresso and create foam (15 seconds).
  2. Double strain into a coupe glass. Cover half the top of the glass with a paper towel and dust the other half with espresso or cocoa powder.
  3. Garnish the plain side of the glass with coffee beans.



1 lime, halved

2 tbsp. sugar

1 c. sweetened cranberry juice

1 bottle champagne

12 fresh cranberries 4 small sprigs fresh rosemary


  1. Line champagne flutes with lime and dip in sugar. Pour 1/4 cup cranberry juice into each glass and top with champagne.
  2. Use a toothpick to poke a hole through cranberries. Thread rosemary skewer through cranberries and garnish mimosas.

Nutrition (per serving): 216 calories, .5 g protein, 20 g carbohydrates, .5 g fiber, 15 g sugar, 0 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 13 mg sodium



1 c. vodka

1 c. Prosecco

1/2 c. Blue Curaçao

1/2 c. lemonade

6 c. ice

Lemon wedge, for rimming

White sanding sugar, for rimming


  1. In a blender, combine vodka, Prosecco, blue curaçao, lemonade, and ice. Blend until combined.
  2. Run a lemon wedge around the rim of each glass then dip in sanding sugar.
  3. Pour frosties into rimmed glasses and serve immediately.



3 oz. white chocolate liqueur

2 oz. Vanilla Vodka

2 tbsp. 

heavy cream

1/2 c. ice

1 lemon wedge, for rim

1/3 c. white sanding sugar,

for rim


  1. Using a lemon wedge, wet the rim of your martini glass. Dip in sanding sugar until rim is coated.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine white chocolate liqueur with vanilla vodka and heavy cream.
  3. Fill shaker with ice and shake well.
  4. Strain mixture into prepared glass and serve.




2 oz. vodka

1 oz. fresh lime juice

1 (12-oz.) can ginger beer

1/4 c. pomegranate seeds

2 crushed candy canes, plus two whole, for garnish

Mint sprigs, for garnish


  1. Fill two copper mugs with ice. Pour 1 ounce vodka and 1/2 ounce lime juice over ice in each mug. Pour ginger beer into each cup until mostly full.
  2. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds, crushed candy cane, and garnish with a whole candy cane and a mint sprig.

The Grooves

1- Barbra Streisand- Jingle Bells

2- Ike & Tina Turner- Merry Christmas, Baby

3- Eels – Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

4- Tom Petty – Christmas All Over Again

5- Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run

6- Sia: Santa’s Coming For Us

7- Train: Shake Up Christmas

8-Whitney Houston- Joy to The World

9- Cha Cha Cha All The Way

10- Ella Fitzgerald- Jingle Bells

11- I´ll Be Home For Christmas- Tony Bennett

12- Rudolph- Billy May- Merry Mixmas

13- Chaka Khan- The Christmas Song

14- Christmas Is Coming- Vince Guaraldi Trio

15- Ronettes- Sleigh Ride

16- Ledisi- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

17- James Hall- The King Has Come

18- Ultra Lounge Christmas- Nutcracker Suite

19- Dean Martin- I´ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

20- Andy Williams – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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At Lioness Lion we want to offer you an ample array of views, experts’ opinions and various analysis on contemporary and sensitive subjects that affect and shape our lives. Let the loving begin!

The cat is out of the bag

The bag of hiding emotions, that is. As it´s increasingly obvious the huge and positive change in our society for the openness in which we are ready to discuss our fears, sorrows, handicaps and anything that we had considered weak or weird up until now.

Not a day goes by where we don´t find a familiar face wearing no makeup on Instagram, or famous moms showing their stretch marks as they hold their newborns and even a drop-dead-gorgeous fashion model proudly strutting a serious skin condition on a runway – thank you Winnie Harlow!! So here we are today, relaxed about changing our pronouns to mark our place in the world, having stay-home dads that offer a brand-new male role model to the next generations and uploading selfies in our darkest moments in order to share our pain with others and help them with their burdens…vulnerability is our new super power!

The dictionary says:

Vulnerability, noun

openness to attack or hurt, either physically or in other ways; susceptibility. We need to develop bold policies that will reduce the vulnerability of farmers to drought and floods.

willingness to show emotion or to allow one’s weakness to be seen or known; willingness to risk being hurt or attacked:The foundation for open communication consists of honesty, trust, and vulnerability.

We get to live in these amazing times of change and self-discovery. We are able to see celebrities, stars, politicians and influencers at their not-so glamorous moments and it is becoming more and more common to find people expressing who and what they are, their feeling, their gender choice and most genuine selves, away from the limelight.

What is your experience when you think about vulnerability?

Many of us might associate vulnerability with feelings of fear, being out-of-place or shame. We may have been taught not to cry or allow ourselves to appear vulnerable, that goes double for men in our society,  because we have associate it with the possibility of rejection or failure, which can be scary. As a consequence, we may try to avoid being open about ourselves as much as we can. While being vulnerable is often thought as something to hide, it is actually a deeply important part of the human experience.

Vulnerability is a part of emotional life. Instead of trying to fight it, we can embrace it knowing that it will make our lives more full, happy, creative and authentic.

Think about it. Saying I love you to someone is amazing and it requires to have the guard down. Trying something new, sharing a difficult experience, anxiety, bulling or handicap you’ve had with someone is also vulnerable and scary. While we initially may want to avoid all of these things, they can actually be extremely rewarding to go through with. Ultimately, welcoming vulnerability will make us free and will allow us to live a genuinely fulfilling life.

”If you’re anything like me,
There’s a justice system in your head
For names you’ll never speak again,
And you make your ruthless rulings.
Each new enemy turns to steel
They become the bars that confine you,
In your own little golden prison cell…
But Darling, there is where you meet yourself.”

Taylor Swift.

Now, THE list!

In order to really have the practical, emotional map to navigate these waters, we continue our habit of sharing lists and priceless information from world-known experts on any subject that helps us be in a state of love.

This time is no exception, so here are 5 life-altering lessons from amazing author Brené Brown’s TED talk The Power of Vulnerability:

1. Don’t bottle up your emotions, become self-aware

Most of us were taught to hide our emotions or run away from them. However, this causes nothing but continuous pain and stress. The consequences are far-reaching and the longer we keep those emotions bottled up, the worse the situation gets.

Instead, Brown says we need to become more self-aware and explore our emotions, asking questions to get in touch with how we’re feeling and thinking in a given moment.

Find a method for coxing these feelings out which works best for you such as writing, meditation, or talking to a friend.

2. Vulnerability takes courage

Most modern cultures err on the side of suppressed feelings in an effort to display strength. However, as Brown demonstrates in her pivotal research, vulnerability is anything but weakness. In fact, it takes true strength and courage to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

The cool part about it, though, is the gifts we unlock by being willing to be vulnerable far outweigh the difficulty in doing so. By having the courage to be vulnerable and open up to ourselves and the world around us we come directly in touch with our most authentic self. And, in doing so, can live a much more fulfilling and happier life.

3. Show up, face fear, and move forward

In everything that we do, fear and criticism will always be there to greet us. Fear is the great restrictive force, as it stops most people from ever stepping more than one foot outside their comfort zone towards realizing their true desires.

Because fear and criticism will always be there in some form, the best course of action is always to show up anyway and move forward. No matter what you’re doing, show up every day to do what you were meant to do and don’t let these hindrances stop you.

The more you stand up to these negative forces, the more you’ll flex your courage and resilience and come out stronger for it.

4. Seek excellence, not perfection

Brown says perfectionism is, “the belief that if we live perfectly, look perfectly and act perfectly, we can avoid the pain of blame, judgment and shame.”

Perfectionism isn’t about growth, improvement, or personal achievement, it’s about fear and avoidance. Therefore, what you should really be focused on is realizing excellence, the best version of yourself despite your flaws. This perspective is healthy and inclusive and leads to real personal growth as opposed to a flawed perfectionism.

5. Dare to be yourself

The final and perhaps most important lesson of all is that you must dare to be yourself– at whatever the cost.

The forces of fear, insecurity, and doubt will never go away no matter how hard you try to avoid, hide from, or attempt to bury them. Instead, face them with courage and confidence in your authentic self and know that you’ve been given the gifts necessary to overcome whatever is in front of you.

Dare to be yourself in all your glory– your strengths, skills, and beauty as well as your flaws and insecurities. In doing so, you can realize true strength of spirit.

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Why do we avoid the very thing we want the most?

Let´s dive into this and look at the most evident of facts: you are here with us, reading this blogpost on a love-match site. You are probably wanting a meaningful relationship- that is what we do best here at Lioness Lion- so I have to help you ask yourself some questions that need honest answers from within. This is a conversation between your head and your heart dear, so all answers will only help you understand how you get in the way of having loving bonds with the ones that matter the most.

Are you in the way of your own happiness?

”Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires: To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To know the pain of too much tenderness….” Kahlil Gibran

Very many people have grown up hearing that there are two opposite forces that contradict or replace each other in our hearts: love and hate.

We have had an image painted that our feelings hold games of ”tug of war” and move in the bandwidth of absolutely wanting someone or hating everything about them, having no tolerance for what they do and many times that feeling determines the time to part ways. I have some interesting news for you: the other side of the loving rainbow is actually FEAR. This brings us to the very thing that we want to talk about and shed some light on: why being afraid of our own heart and emotions is the main reason why we have created this massive book of excuses to procrastinate love or in some cases, give up on our sentimental life, altogether.

When we don´t chose love, we actually chose fear

This is the one phrase that defines the message in this conversation as they are both the strongest motivators of human behavior.

When we feel fear we try to separate, create as much distance as possible from that feeling, when we love we try to connect and be as close as possible to the sentiment. The sources of our fear or our love are transformed through our engagement with them, and so are we, as they both take honesty to admit and deal with.

You usually can’t go wrong when you’re drawn forward by what you love, when you feel that strong pull to reach beyond yourself in order to realize a dream or desire. But if you often feel driven by what you fear, then your behavior is not necessarily motivated by what you want in life but instead by avoiding consequences that you don’t want, a setup that might get you good results but will probably keep you miserable along the way.

Love could seem pretty flimsy next to fear since love is gentle and diametrically opposed to force and destructiveness. On the surface fear is much more potent. Its consequences are visible and dramatic. Yet love is not passive, IT IS AN ACTIVE STATE and while it lacks the visible firepower produced from violence and panic, love has its own omni-potent firepower. Love does conquer all, because when we feel it, especially in the face of hatred and violence we compel those trapped in their own cycles of fear to access the best in themselves; to make the happier choice; to begin to transform their fear into something more productive; to discover their own latent potential be being loving, empathic, open people.

Let’s elaborate a little on the subject of empathy:

This is very simple: put yourself in the other person´s shoes. Yeap, that´s it!

For a more serious and expansive insight here is what Psychology Today has to say about it:

Empathy is the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person, animal, or fictional character.

Developing empathy is crucial for establishing relationships and behaving compassionately. It involves experiencing another person’s point of view, rather than just one’s own, and enables prosocial or helping behaviors that come from within, rather than being forced.

Some surveys indicate that empathy is on the decline in the United States and elsewhere, findings that motivate parents, schools, and communities to support programs that help people of all ages enhance and maintain their ability to walk in each other’s shoes. (See? we told you)

Empathy helps us cooperate with others, build friendships, make moral decisions, and intervene when we see others being bullied. Humans begin to show signs of empathy in infancy and the trait develops steadily through childhood and adolescence Still, most people are likely to feel greater empathy for people like themselves and may feel less empathy for those outside their family, community, ethnicity, or race.

Empathy helps us connect, understand and help others, but like other traits, it may have evolved with a selfish motive: using others as a” social antenna” to help detect danger. From an evolutionary perspective, creating a mental model of another person’s intent is critical: the arrival of an interloper, for example, could be deadly, so developing sensitivity to the signals of others could be life-saving. Sounds like the very beginning of fear, doesn´t it?

The science behind it

The power of both love and fear has even been proven by science, in the form of hormone release of oxytocin and glutamate. These are the chemicals present in the body at very specific moments of our human experience.

A: Oxytocin, when we are totally in love with another human being. Present when we make out with our lover and when women have babies, as a very powerful emotional adhesive.

B: Glutamate, when we feal fearful and retrieved

Dr. Jelena Radulovic, a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine, believed this, too, when she set up an experiment on mice to test how the body reacted to different hormones during social interactions. She hypothesized that mice that produced more oxytocin would feel more positive effects from social interaction while those that produced more glutamate would have more negative feelings. It turned out that that oxytocin caused the mice to act more fearful.

And now we give you THE LIST!

We are super excited to share this heart-opening information that Sarah Nean Bruce wrote on the Little Buddha website, as we encourage you to read it one by one and exercise the meaning of the message so your minds will open a new path for joy and beautiful human connections. All you Lionesses and Lions out there, we are wanting for you to have the best life possible and are here to help you do it through love.

LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL (fear is conditional)

LOVE IS STRONG (fear is weak)

LOVE RELEASES (fear obligates)

LOVE SURRENDERS (fear binds)

LOVE IS HONEST (fear is deceitful)

LOVE TRUSTS (fear suspects)

LOVE ALLOWS (fear dictates)

LOVE GIVES (fear resists)

LOVE FORGIVES (fear blames)


LOVE CHOOSES (fear avoids)

LOVE IS KIND (fear is angry)

LOVE IGNITES (fear incites)

LOVE EMBRACES (fear repudiates)

LOVE CREATES (fear negates)

LOVE HEALS (fear hurts)

LOVE IS MAGIC (fear is superstitious)

LOVE ENERGIZES (fear saps)

LOVE IS AN ELIXIR (fear is a poison)

LOVE INSPIRES (fear worries)

LOVE DESIRES (fear Joneses)

LOVE IS PATIENT (fear is nervous)

LOVE IS BRAVE (fear is afraid)

LOVE IS RELAXED (fear is pressured)

LOVE IS BLIND (fear is judgmental)

LOVE RESPECTS (fear disregards)

LOVE ACCEPTS (fear rejects)

LOVE DREAMS (fear schemes)

LOVE WANTS TO PLAY (fear needs to control)

LOVE ENJOYS (fear suffers)

LOVE FREES (fear imprisons)

LOVE BELIEVES (fear deceives)

LOVE “WANTS” (fear “needs”)


Winter is finally here. Temperatures are dropping, there is snow, slower mornings, longer nights, and the world seems to be living inside – covid gave us a lot of practice- yet there is a positive side to this, it is an excellent time to practice friends and family bonding ideas!

As you well know by now, we love lists, so here are a few activities that will not only keep you entertained and sporting a smile, but it is also a great opportunity to design fun invitations, interior decor for these occasions and create an atmosphere of togetherness with those you do not see very often, friends included!

Turn Your Home’s Basement Into a Home Theatre

This also applies to outdoor spaces! Many people consider building a theatre at home with the help of a projector and a sound system. If you would like to start putting together a theatre room, a few things should be considered ahead of time so that you get good quality image/sound and comfort:

What type of space do  you have? Do you want a designated space for your home theater? Or are you turning your living room into the casual chilling space?

Do consider the budget for a projector and sound, as there are many options, and you may want to use a wall or even the ceiling instead of a TV, if there are many loved ones to please- it is also so much fun!.

Also, think about furniture, pillows, cushions and trays, how they will be arranged, if you need to acquire special pieces or what you have will be enough to make everyone comfortable, ohh do not forget mugs, hot cocoa, blankets and throws, lots of those!

Of course, there is more shopping involved in building a custom theatre in your home than if you were to purchase a premade one from a store or online and there are experts that can help you no matter the size of the endeavor. Also, look into keeping the carpet or floors super clean and ready for it may become a pajama party!

Cook a Three-Course Meal Together. Design the Menu. Cocktails for Adults.

Or better yet, make your own cooking contest! Are you a fan of a food show? Now it is your moment, chef!

This is an amazing activity, especially during winter. Many people enjoy cooking, spending fun time together in the kitchen and eating a great feast. From beginning to end, cooking a meal can provide hours of amusement and a little healthy competition. This can be an excellent opportunity to gather your friends together, make a menu, design it and add cocktail recipes as well for hours of adult fun!

The first step is usually choosing one recipe for each part of the meal. If there is a large group of people, make teams. This choice should be made with everyone’s input; each member has their preferences and talents, so this is an important decision.

Determine who does what.

The next step is planning the shopping list and utensils needed for each dish/team.

Then a shopping trip for gathering ingredients and supplies, which might include shopping at farmer’s markets or other specialty stores if any special ingredients are needed. Another option is making a list and buying everything you need online or by phone/delivery. Think ahead!

The day has arrived and you are home with all your ingredients and you all can prep your meal. The meat should be put in a pan in the stove top before any baking or preheating of ovens begins to ensure that it will cook thoroughly. Then, each section of the meal is prepared according to the directions. This process will probably take most of your time, hence being seen as one of the perfect bonding activity ideas… you do know what happens when we open the wine as we prepare the food…fun!

Once all parts of the meal are ready to eat, it is time for everyone to sit down together and share what they love about cooking, maybe even discuss favorite meals from family history or planning the next episode of your very own gastronomic stardom.

Eating together allows for you to talk about more than just making dinner; many interesting memories have been formed while preparing a meal, so this would be a great time to reminisce.

Volunteer Together

One of the winter family bonding activity ideas that have been proven to be effective and beneficial for families is volunteering together. If your family attends church, that’s a great place to start.
Not only can this activity strengthen bonds between parents and children, but it will also help improve parent-child interactions and co-parenting relationships.

Additionally, through the experience of completing service projects together to benefit others, such as cooking meals for homeless shelters or doing activities with underprivileged children, individuals will get to work together towards a common goal and purpose while feeling like they are part of a team.

Service projects are beneficial for multiple reasons, including increasing self-esteem in children while teaching them life skills about being community members who have a greater purpose than just themselves. Additionally, by participating as a family in service projects together, individuals will have increased levels of motivation and engagement and heightened social interaction abilities. In addition to these positive effects on families, as they work together towards completing their project goals.

Explore Local New Shops, Pop-Ups and Winter-Only Activities

For many families, winter is a time for parties and gatherings. To escape cabin fever, look for winter-only happenings in your area that do not involve traveling far away from home. Hosting a neighborhood picnic or taking a walk around town are both great options when you want to give your children a sense of community and help your local small business owners. Try new restaurants, explore holiday menus and unusual ingredients that can only be sourced in the colder months.

Check out storefront signs and fun menus advertising what they will are serving now that they are open for business again after many months of lockdown. Get presents together, so you can actually purchase something that the other really likes.

Many families find that looking at holiday lights helps everyone stay enthusiastic about staying close and spending some quality time together. If you live near a shopping center with an indoor ice-skating rink, this can also be another fun and snowy pastime for people of all ages.

Whatever you decide to do, you will find that there is no better way for a family to spend time together than getting outside and enjoying each other’s company. So next time it snows, consider planning a day where everyone can get out of the house and make memories together.

Create an Outdoor Lounge Area With Insulation

Creating an outdoor lounge area in your backyard that is fully insulated can be one of the best winter family bonding activity ideas. Having this area, which should be enclosed to protect against you all, in case of frigid cold of winter, will allow you and your family to continue using the yard when it is usually too chilly to go outside.

There are some tips for creating this type of place by incorporating key elements, like having a set of patio heaters to keep everyone warm while they are outside. You should also consider having comfortable seating that is arranged around the heaters of a fire pit, hammocks, TV with a DVD player and a good sound system.

Lighting is an important part of the magic and it can be achieved at a very low price and effort, string-light the whole thing!


During December’s long nights, bundle up, step outside and look up. Amateur astronomers can use an app such as Google Sky to identify stars, planets, and constellations. Some of the constellations visible in the Northern hemisphere during December are Orion and his hunting dog Canis Major, Perseus and the whale Cetus, Cassiopeia and Cepheus, and the two bears Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Take the opportunity to teach words and astronomical names, and share the awe and wonder of the sky.

Make a Bunch of Appetizers to Enjoy Over a Sports Game

There are many family bonding activity ideas to consider during winter. However, sometimes it is hard to find activities that both parents and children enjoy doing together. This is especially true if one or more family members are typically on hectic schedules during the winter months. However, one type of activity that fits this bill perfectly is watching sports games while snacking on appetizers. By combining an activity nearly everyone enjoys doing with snacks and comfort food you will have a wonderful time bonding with your loved ones without even stepping outside!

More and more families are experiencing a disconnect from nature as they spend more time inside, as the world has experienced lockdown, often focusing on work, video games and TV movies- you know, the chilling type- so get your children, offer them a different experience and show them to love nature during the winter months.

Get Outside and Make a Snowman

In addition to playing outside in the snow together as a family, making a snowman can be a lot of fun it also provides an opportunity for some quality bonding time that may otherwise be missed during the busy holiday season.

We all can use some fresh air and outdoor activity every day; after all, the body needs oxygen and lots of physical activity. Getting out with loved ones -or ONE- can help everyone constructively channel energy into making a snowman rather than creating stress. Making a snowman not only creates an opportunity to get outside but also gives us all an opportunity to be super creative.

Try Snowshoeing and Help your Community

Snow shoeing is a classic winter activity. Whether with the kids or your spouse, this snow removal task can be a great way to spend time outdoors and while doing it, help your community or neighbors with snow and ice removal.

For those who do not know what snow hoeing is exactly, it is pretty much as simple as it sounds. You use an old-fashioned hand tool called a snow shoe -hence the name- to move around snow that has fallen on walkways and stairs outside. Take your snow hoe, put one foot on either side of where you want to clear some space, and push down on the handle/shaft of the tool.

Many people believe that getting out in the cold can be dangerous yet experts say that kids need fresh air and physical activity just as much in winter and spring. So, go! Get a workout, don’t be afraid to fall on your butt and have a blast while helping others.

At Lioness Lion we want to offer you an ample array of views, experts’ opinions and various analysis on contemporary and sensitive subjects that affect, improve and shape our lives. Let the loving begin!

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Is communication pixeled and pillow talk glitched?

At Lioness Lion we want to offer you an array of views, experts’ opinions, and various analyses on a very difficult subject that is embedded in our lives forever.

We have always been connected… haven’t we?

As we look at others from our screens, scroll through couple’s love goals, I cannot help but think about all those years and years of reading, courses, webinars, podcasts and just all-around constant information on the existence of the universal energy that connects us all, to each other and to everything in the planet that has any kind of life or magnetism -in case you were wandering were rocks come in the equation.

The World Wide Web was created as the very representation of such strong invisible thread, reaching people without borders and in real-time, which is the way energy works, so it might be safe to say that present technology found a way to imitate the power of human connection and has given us a tool faster than any other previous form of communication; the questions remains, are we more united or in fact feeling more disconnected and distant from each other than ever before in history?

The very nature of this site and part of what we do at Lioness Lion is possible because of digital tools; ultimately, we get to find out who wants the same things you do and make you part of our community because of data-driven systems and virtual communication accessibility that allow for us to know you and detect who will be more likely to build a long-lasting relationship of compatibility and love.

Now it gets interesting… we are increasingly aware, as a consequence of COVID, that we need human contact, we long for the closeness of our friends; the generous neighbor that bakes delicious treats to share over coffee; casual sex; meaningful lovemaking; choosing a nice outfit to go out for drinks and mingle in public places; the dear childhood friend that moved to our town…our mother’s embrace, for heaven’s sake.

Yet digital communications, video calls, texts, and social media, like it or not, have been the very thread of emotional relationships with everybody, without their body.

How has your own love language changed in the digital age?

The answers to these questions, of course, are subjective. But the fundamental issue remains the same — we all must make a conscious effort to discover how our partners interpret and experience love, so that we may empathize and communicate more effectively. And we must realize that technology, as it is, can act as both an asset and a deterrent when it comes to expressing and experiencing love”.

According to by Emily A Vogels and Monica Anderson of the Pew Research Center: “For many adults, social media plays a role in the way they navigate and share information about their romantic relationships. Roughly eight-in-ten social media users (81%) report that they at least sometimes see others posting about their relationships, including 46% who say this happens often, but few say that seeing these posts affects how they feel about their own love life.

Moreover, social media has become a place where some users discuss relationships and investigate old ones. Roughly half of social media users (53%) say they have used these platforms to check up on someone they used to date or be in a relationship with, while 28% say they have used social media to share or discuss things about their relationship or dating life. For adult users under the age of 30, those shares who have used social media to checked-up on a former partner (70%) or posted about their own love life (48%) are even higher.

But social media can also be a source of annoyance and conflict for some couples. Among those whose partner uses social media, 23% say they have felt jealous or unsure of their relationship because of the way their current partner interacts with others on these sites, and this share rises to 34% among those ages 18 to 29.”

There is a common need for younger people to display their joyful liaisons in public, portraying themselves as attractive and as close to perfection as possible, but mature, sensible love does not live publicly and most of the time has no need for approval from a bunch of strangers in order to dictate its quality.

Digital social apps are not designed for introspection, depth, or soul-searching. Posts require to be relatively interesting, trendy, eye-catching, and short, as opposed to the long conversations about life, the many hours we actually spend in our beloved´s physical company.

Ambiguity has no space in the apps. Social media isn’t the place to hash through a host of conflicting emotions, as negative or unpleasant issues tend to lose followers.

If you are in love and have (want) a committed bond, can you settle for a screen as a way to develop your relationship? Love is largely a private matter and demands intimacy. Only in intimacy does the inherent complexity of love emerges. Only in intimacy do you and your partner fully see and know each other, with all your shortcomings or contradictions. The honesty that presence brings cannot be paralleled with any type of conversation we may have in the distance. We miss the bodily expressions, the sense of comfort, and the trust that can only be generated with real physical contact.

The tools to the heart

Technology has nothing to do with feelings, touch, or sex. It is the means, not the objective, yet there is a practicality to it that we can use to our advantage if we fully understand the reality is NOT in a device: intimacy and commitment cannot be replaced by digital means, what we see is often staged to increase followers and the very nature of humans is analog, not digital.

We must also be aware of our surroundings, especially the people who are actually right there, next to us.

Eric Klinenberg, the co-author of Modern Romance, argues that our smartphones constantly tell us there’s someone or something more important than the person we’re with: “And this matters because romance and love don’t come from superficial connections. At the end of the day, romance is impossible without sustained face-to-face contact.” People glance through online dating profiles in seconds. If a profile doesn’t inspire immediate interest, there’s another one a swipe away. If you meet up with someone, and things don’t quite jell, there’s no reason to meet again.

A true expert on people

In all our blog posts we want to share with you as much relevant information and points of view as possible so that you can always make your own decisions, so here is an excerpt from Tim Robbins’ blog:

“Technology has changed the way we experience love, intimacy, and connection. How often do we text instead of talk, Skype instead of meeting face-to-face, or use emoticons instead of actually articulating our feelings? And what impact does it have on our relationships?

According to seasoned relationship counselor Gary Chapman, there are 5 basic love languages — words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Individuals tend to naturally give and express love in the way they prefer to receive love. But what they really should be doing is using the love languages that their partners can receive. And this can be an even more challenging task, given the prominent role technology plays in modern-day romance. Do thoughtful texts qualify as “words of affirmation?” Does face-timing with your partner count for “quality time?”.

We encourage you to understand and take full advantage of any virtual source available to you as a means of advancement, learning, connecting with compatible minds & souls, making a difference in your life and others, being part of communities that represent you, and having a very good time while doing it.

Love is out there, all around us! If you want it now may be a good time to subscribe to our Lioness Lion page!


We have searched near and far for the truth about food that makes you hot so see for yourself, is it true or not?

Let´s start at the beginning: the name aphrodisiac was inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality, love, and beauty – the equivalent of Venus in the Roman culture – therefore all that was connected with seduction and pleasure were said to represent her energy.

Many cultures throughout time have left evidence of such power of edible wonders and during research for her book Intercourses, co-author Martha Hopkins found that almost every food has been considered an aphrodisiac at one time or another.

“Historically, foods considered to be aphrodisiacs were hard to find, rare or expensive, like truffles, foie gras, and caviar, or shaped like a sex organ, like asparagus or artichokes, and even animal testicles,” Hopkins says.

In fact, since the era of the Mayans in Mexico avocados are considered to increase potency in men given their similarity to testicles.

China has for thousands of years prepared customized concoctions containing a plant they call ”horny goat weed” with its main compound icariin that they swear acts the same way that Viagra does.

In Thailand and other South-East Asian countries, red ginseng has been reported to be the most effective as an aphrodisiac. Also saffron is very popular for its potential sensuous properties in men, who reportedly experienced greater improvements in erectile and women experienced higher levels of arousal and increased lubrication. Yess!

Fenugreek is an annual plant cultivated worldwide, its seeds are popular in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-inflammatory and libido-boosting treatment for good reason, this herb appears to contain compounds that the body can use to make sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone!

The US and Turkey are the prime consumers of pistachios, a nut that has been around since 6,000 B.C. as it has high nutritional value and is rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats and may have a variety of health benefits, that includes helping reduce erectile dysfunction.

Peru has its Maca, a plant often called “Peruvian ginseng” It has been used as a tonic to improve sexual performance for many generations.

Almost every country with a coastline shares the common belief that oysters are…well, magic. The same goes for chocolate, the silky, decadent stuff that romance is made of!

The 5 Types of Aphrodisiacs

Historically, most aphrodisiacs have fallen into five general types, all based on popular belief:

  • The heat: Foods that create warmth and moisture, like chili or curry were thought to arouse urgent passion and have both partners ready for more, while cold foods like lettuce and purslane leaves were supposed to chill desire.
  • Like a sexual organ… they resemble male or female genitalia and were/are believed to increase potency. Figs are one example, as are papayas, and vegetables like carrots and eggplants.
  • Reproductive connection: Organs associated with eggs from fish and birds, animal genitals such as bulls, have been believed for years to increase sexual desire and potency. We have to say that for many people this is true to this day.
  • Exotic must be erotic: Many centuries ago, eats considered rare and consequently reserved for the rich were believed to be sexually exciting. When many of these foods, like potatoes and cocoa, became more widely available, their reputations as sexual stimulants simply faded.
  • Awaken the senses: Foods that offer an all-around exciting experience in sight, smell, taste, and touch in a pleasurable way have always been considered to be seductive and therefore stimulate the love dance.

The anti-libido substances to avoid before romance

Now, it is important that we also talk about the things that may be causing the opposite effect to the desired, fiery, and exciting physical encounters we have fantasized about. On this topic, there might be more actual scientific proof than just ancient myth

The word libido means wanting or lust, it is commonly known as sex drive. Low libido can be caused by many factors like sociological, psychological, and hormonal, but have you ever wondered if it was your dinner plate that was promoting your low sex drive?

We have talked about aphrodisiacs, yet there are ingredients that can cause quite the opposite effect and here are 6 foods that you definitely want to avoid if you want a life of long-lasting-fun between the sheets:

Greasy foods like fries and chips are known to decrease libido. They contain trans fat that can also lead to abnormal production of sperm and interferes with your sex drive

Sugar requires insulin to be absorbed in your body. And a constant increase in the levels of insulin in your body can lower your testosterone levels, in turn decreasing your sex drive.

Refined carbohydrates like white flour, kinds of pasta, cereals, bread, and cookies contain large amounts of refined carbohydrates that are capable of lowering your testosterone levels. It can lead to weight gain in men, thereby raising estrogen levels and depleting testosterone. Add good carbohydrates to your diet like whole grains and vegetables.

A study on Soy products suggests having more than 120mg of soy per day can have negative effects on masculine sexual health. Too much tofu, soy milk, or other soy products can lower sperm count and testosterone levels.

Are you ready to find out for yourself if it works?

After reading all the information, data, the good and the not so good of these foods, the one thing that is a fact is what we put into our system does affect every aspect of our health, the way we feel, and the quality of our lives, so if you are willing to run your own sex-drive-lab we encourage you to incorporate the given ingredients into your diet and see how good your intimate life gets!

Want some recipes? Stay tuned, we will make sure to give you a good set of fun foods and amazingly sexy drinks next time, oh! and make sure to tell us how hot it all gets.


What is your inner conversation when you see yourself in the mirror?

This past year and a half, among many other challenges, has created a rather inescapable one-on-one rapport with our minds and bodies that we may very well never have experienced before. The ongoing changes are happening in so many levels that we, as a society cannot yet begin to understand the long-term results, yet there are visible things that range from a year-long break from the hair salon, our new choice of work clothes (can someone say sweatpants?) to how we see ourselves when we take them off.

As we look at others from our screens, scroll through work goals, picture-perfect figures, unbreakable habits, dream homes, magic products, and mood settings, this year like no other, has presented the opportunity for millions of people to learn new skills, acquire better habits, virtually participate and completely change our perspective on many important collective issues and embark on an array of personal journeys.

This is the optimistic side of it, but there are what we consider the not-so-positive results of spending so much time in our own company. Looking at that very well-groomed ”reality” in other people’s lives has mostly created comparison while experiencing uncertainty, boredom, missing physical contact with loved ones, and among other things facing how we really feel about who we are. All of these are connected to how we think the world sees us.

Don’t get me wrong, all the above situations can actually be very positive and inspiring, what seems to be inescapable is there is absolutely no place to hide, for better or for worse it is all about the most important relationship you will ever have: the one with yourself.

What is the difference between self image and body image?

According to the American Psychology Association this is the definition of self image:

n. one’s view or concept of oneself. Self-image is a crucial aspect of an individual’s personality that can determine the success of relationships and a sense of general well-being. A negative self-image is often a cause of dysfunctions and of self-abusive, self-defeating, or self-destructive behavior.

Body image: is how you view your physical self — including whether you feel you are attractive and whether others like your looks. For many people, no matter the gender, body image can be closely linked to self-esteem

Many people have concerns about their body image. These concerns often focus on height, weight, skin, any obvious condition, hair, or the shape or size of any given body part.

However, body image does not only stem from what we see in the mirror. According to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), a range of beliefs, experiences, and generalizations also contribute to the emotional attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of our own body, so it turns out that we may radically differ from how attractive others think we are, usually, it being a surprise how many people think we are hot while we believe we are not!

The body-positive movement aims to help people manage the pressure that media messages impose on their body image. According to The Body Positive organization, “Beauty is not a single image, but the active embodiment and celebration of the self.”

There is an open argument on whether accepting a larger body may deter people from taking action to be healthier and more conscious of their habits. However, body positivity is not just about the size or appearance of the body, confidence and control are also key factors and it is a well-known fact, that the way we perceive our figures or attractiveness has a direct impact on our worth and attitude with which we navigate life.

Where does a negative body image come from?

Intellect has nothing to do with this. A body image, negative or positive does not develop in isolation with a self-generated mental conversation. Culture, family, social and general media, comparison, expectations, and friends’ pressure all convey positive and negative messages about our body.

The general idea of beauty -for men and women, peers, and family members can all influence a person’s body image. They can encourage us, from a young age, to believe that there is an ideal body and that the goal is to achieve it in order to be attractive to others and more successful.

This proposed image is often an unnatural one, far from healthy and totally focused on the comparison, a false sense of achievement, and a dangerous strive for ”perfection” instead of being grateful, real, and in fact learning to be the best versions of ourselves, not someone else.

Building a positive bond with self and body

As adults we have learned to develop concepts for almost everything and the physique does not escape our habit of defining what everything ”should” look and be like, our image and body being the ones with the hardest criticism on our behalf.

Our goal is for you to embrace all that you have, be realistic about yourself, sensibly change what you want, and live with the infinite gratitude of having a home for your soul, a physical temple that sustains your life, and a presence that allows you to walk this earth as the unique being that you are!

People with high self-esteem know themselves well. They’re realistic, find friends that like and appreciate them for who they are and have tools to build meaningful relationships based on human connection.

When our self-esteem is strong, we usually feel more in control of our lives and know our own strengths and weaknesses. This reality allows that we do things to look better, enhance or improve our appearance without conditioning our happiness when we reach a certain weight or drive a new car that for all to see.

Focusing on building self-confidence and a positive body image may help reduce obesity and achieve wider health goals.

Not motivated yet? How about if we tell you that you are more likely to attract a truly compatible partner with solid chances of developing a happy long-lasting relationship?

See you in love soon lioness, lion or any other cat you may want to be!


Are you ready to glow, swim, drink and dive?

After many, many months of confinement, being home-bound and getting a VERY precarious tan on the balcony we are finally getting past airport restrictions, travel bans, crowd gathering no-no´s, and vaccine decisions that have kept the world within its walls and borders, so how about we bring in the sunshine and give you a curated list of the best places to go… uhm, right now?

We have researched near and far to come up with an any-taste-included guide to the best gay-friendly destinations you can enjoy with your choice of fav people. It is time to take advantage of remote work, so pack your bags and enjoy a couple´s romantic getaway or an IG-worthy party vacay with your best friends.

We want to share with you this list of highly recommended Top 20 Beach destinations from the experts at the Travel Channel:

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has gay-friendly beaches that have become popular LGBT destinations:

  • North Bondi Beach
  • Bronte Beach

Secluded spots for nude sunbathers:

  • Tamarama Beach
  • Obelisk Beach
  • Lady Jane Beach

Water taxis are provided as transportation to Obelisk Beach, and during the summer, expect frequent visits from one of the famous Sydney Harbor Ice Cream Boats to help keep things cool.

Cancun, Mexico

Yucatan Peninsula is a hot beach destination for spring breakers, weddings, and Europeans who need some hot sauce in their lives, but it’s also the location of a popular gay beach: Playa Delfines.

The water is generally treacherous to swim in, but the white sand is perfect for sunning, and the view is incredible. This beach is also a great place to take surfing lessons.

Gay couples and singles enjoy Playa Delfines, and it now known unofficially as the gay spot in Cancun.

By the way, same-sex marriage is legal and officiated in Mexico.

Maui, Hawaii

It would not be fair if we didn’t have at least one Hawaiian beach on our list. Gay and lesbians converge on Little Beach in Makena State Park, located about 1 mile past the Maui Prince Hotel. To access this piece of open-minded paradise you have to be ready to fashion your bathing suit with boots because this beach is so secluded that you have to hike up and over a lava-flow trail to get to it! Ready to climb?

Fire Island, New York

Head to Fire Island’s Pines Beach if you’re ready for a fun party beach with gay-friendly shopping, hotels, vacation rentals, and vibrant nightlife. Nudity is allowed on the shore. The island plays host to several LGBT events, including the multicultural Fire Island Black Out in Cherry Grove.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv´s coast is famous for its pro-gay laws and never-ending beach line. Nearly 9 miles of blue sea, open horizon, sun, and lots of beautiful people make it the perfect beach destination. There are a few gay-friendly beaches:

  • Ga’ash nude beach, a popular spot outside the city
  • Hilton Beach if nude sunbathing isn’t your thing.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Known as the “Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale is where the boys are. Sebastian Street Gay Beach, surrounded by gay resorts, is one of the most popular beach destinations for the LGBT plus community. Along with dozens of gay-friendly shops along the beach, the city also thrives with fun bars and restaurants, such as Hamburger Mary’s, a great place to start or end the night.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has beaches that attract a LGBT crowd:

  • English Bay Beach, located on the city’s West End, close to the Davie Street Gay Village.
  • Sunset Beach
  • Wreck Beach, a little hike is required to reach this secluded spot, where nudity is permitted. Take the path marked Trail No. 7 to get there.
  • Gay and lesbian couples and singles converge on the area south of the North Arm Breakwater.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

World-famous eco-friendly Costa Rica has long been a vacation spot for outdoor enthusiasts, but it also has a popular gay beach,

  • Manuel Antonio’s Playita Beach. La Playita, aka Playa Dulce Vida, is a semiprivate beach, accessible by climbing over large rocks north of Playa Espadilla. Just don’t get trapped during high tide. And just so you know, there’s no nude sunbathing in Costa Rica. After having some fun in the sun, grab a drink at Bar Tutu or the Liquid Lounge.
  • There are gay-friendly vacation rentals and hotels available in the area.

Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach, or SoBe, conjures up images of sunny days at the beach, a continuous flow of sexy men and women, high-end shopping on Lincoln Road, fine dining on Ocean Drive, and nonstop nights of partying at popular gay bars and clubs.

  • Haulover Beach if you’re looking for a nude beach.
  • SoBe plays host to the world-renowned White Party in November and in March, the Winter Party, the biggest gay beach party in North America.

Brighton, East Sussex, England

Brighton is the UK’s gay capital. The town’s seafront has bars, restaurants, nightclubs and amusement arcades between the piers.

  • Brighton Beach has a nudist area, south of the easterly part of Kemptown, aka the “gay village.”
  • West Beach
  • Telscombe Cliffs
  • Duke’s Mound
  • Shoreham are a few hot beach spots.

Visit Brighton and enjoy the fabulous bohemian atmosphere of this beach town!

Cancún, México
Tel Aviv, Israel

Ibiza, Spain

¡Hola! straight or not so much, everyone knows about the small island of Ibiza’s reputation as a party haven, but it’s also known for its beaches, each with its own distinctive beauty.

  • Figueretes, the town beach, is for sunbathers who enjoy a low-key crowd and calm sea.
  • Es Cavallet, located on the southern side of the island, is the main gay beach, where nudity is welcomed.
  • Cala Conta for stunning sunset views.
  • Port Des Torrent is perfect for gay couples.
  • Ses Salinas is known for its diverse crowd and great beach bars.

Provincetown, MA

Provincetown, a gay and lesbian resort community at the tip of Cape Cod, ranks among the world’s great seaside vacation destinations. Along with hosting its annual Gay Pride celebration, P’town continues to improve with more upscale inns, fine art galleries, and superb restaurants. Peak season for the New England town is usually July through August. Stay in the town’s West End, go for a fun bike ride and go sunbathing on:

  • Herring Cove Beach
  • Race Point Beach.

Sitges, Spain

  • Playa de la Bassa Rodona is packed with gay men during the peak season.

This beach is located below the Picnic Restaurant and across from Hotel Calipolis.

  • Nude sunbathers looking for more privacy should head to Playa del Muerto or Playa de las Balmins.
  • Visit Barcelona’s Barcelonetta Beach if you’re looking for a quick day trip. Barcelona is only a 45-minute train ride away from Sitges.

Cape Town, South Africa

Most people know about Cape Town’s turbulent history, but few people know about Clifton, the small, affluent suburb located outside the city.

  • Clifton Third Beach has become the popular spot for gay sunbathers, primarily men. This paradise is a great spot to watch the sunset in the summer, but be mindful of the no-public drinking policy. It’s strictly monitored, so get your tan first and your drinks later.

San Diego, California

  • Black’s Beach is a popular beach hangout for gay travelers. This is one of the oldest nude beaches in the US. The expansive beach has room for everyone, and even the dolphins and seals make an appearance offshore. Just a word of caution: The climb from the beach back up the cliffs is a tough hike.

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos has become the beach and party global hangout .

  • Elia Beach is probably one of the most gay-friendly stretches of sand in the Mediterranean. It’s a central station of the LGBT community from all over the world, basking in lounge chairs while sipping cocktails and gazing at the electric-blue waters.

Plan your trip ahead and mind that land transportation may be hard to come by and stop at relatively early hours.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We know all about the popularity of Copacabana Beach, but Ipanema is what’s really hot!

  • Farme Gay Beach is a little to the east of Rua Farme de Amoedo. It’s the best place to make friends with the locals outside of the bar and club scene.

After the beach, head to the popular hangout Cafeína e Tô nem Aí for a beer or a snack.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is already a hot spot for thousands of sunbathers, but the hot spot for the LGBT crowd is on the south end of Playa Los Muertos Beach.

Nice, France

Nice is now the second-most-visited city in France for gay tourists, after Paris, and with more than 35 gay outlets, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. In addition to the vibrant LGBT club scene, this beach town has several museums, high-end shops, and a famous flower market, and it plays host to the annual Pink Parade.

  • Coco Beach is the official gay beach
  • Castel Plage is gay-friendly

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth is the quintessential beach town, with dozens of small shops, restaurants that serve up fresh seafood from the Chesapeake Bay, and a boardwalk with a few amusement thrills and arcades.

  • Poodle Beach is the gay section on Rehoboth Beach. It can get crowded here during the peak season with is an energetic social scene.
  • North Shores Beach is the lesbian spot.

After the beach, most gay men grab a few beers or cocktails at the Aqua Grill or Blue Moon, 2 of the town’s popular gay hangouts.

Cape Town, South Africa
Mikonos, Greece



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